Tuesday, September 17, 2013

Rainbow Monster Plushie

Since I'm going to make the monster lovey, I thought, why not write the pattern for the monster itself and then I can combine the blanket to it. I just finished writing the pattern.

Rainbow Monster Plushie

Sexy Eyes Bag

In August, I participated in a "Market Bag" gift exchange/ swap on Ravelry. After thinking about what design to choose, I finally decided that I would instead create a new design. So I made this crochet bag pattern which I proudly call "Sexy Eyes Bag".  So without further ado, here we go. Tada....

Sexy Eyes Bag

Sunday, September 15, 2013

Mamta Motiyani Pattern Featured

I'm so excited that one of my patterns is on the cover of "Inspired Crochet" magazine for their October, 2013 issue. Isn't that a treat? Thank you Kristi Simpson. I'm honoured to be a part of your magazine. Thanks to Afton Marie Photography" for her fabulous picture of my "Halloween Monster" hat which landed my design on the cover page. In case you're wondering, how it looks. Here it is:

Inspired Crochet Magazine October 2013 issue

Go get your copy now, http://www.inspiredcrochet.com/subscribe

Crochet Monster Lovey

Yeah, I'm making a monster lovey. I finished a monster amigurumi & now I'm on with the blankie part. I'm so excited, I feel like a child again. But then again, we all are always a child within. Maybe, that's why I made her to stick her tongue out like this :P, teeheee

I have yet to decide the name for this monster. But for the time being, I think, Rainbow monster will do. Here's her picture:

Rainbow Monster

What do you think?

Want to make crocheted bangles?

Do you love unique colorful  jewelry? I do. Instead of wearing just gold, silver or metal jewelry(as is the tradition in India), I much rather prefer handmade crocheted jewelry or maybe paper jewelry at times. The hippie in me doesn't stop at making jewelry of all shapes and colors and what I love making the most are bangles. This small piece of jewelry can make any dull piece of clothing preppy. Here are some of my bangle patterns in case you would love ot make some of your own:
Bohemian Ruffles Bangle
Flora Bangle
Tyre Bangle
Simple Crochet Bangle
Frilly Stacking Bangle
Scalloped Bangle

Saturday, September 14, 2013

The making of Papa Panda

Amanda The Panda

A few weeks ago, I designed this: "Amanda the Panda". It is a crochet pattern featuring a cute baby Panda amigurumi toy with a bamboo shoot in her hands. When I shared it on my Fanpage, one of my fans liked it so much that she wanted a larger version of the same Panda but without the bamboo shoot and arms stretching towards the sides as if it's giving a hug. She said that it reminded her of a Panda doll she had as a child. How cute is that! :)

Amanda is 6 inches tall in size. So I thought, why not double up the yarn and it will be 12 inches, the size that she needed for her Panda. But I realized after I started the project that it doesn't work that way. The size was smaller rather than being double even after I took 2 strands of the same yarn. Maybe, because some part of the design gets hidden on the wrong side of the crocheted piece.

My biggest mistake was trying to use Amanda's design to fit the larger Panda which didn't work as well. So I had to frog all my work so far completed. After doing this, I realized I would have to start a new design in itself instead of being stuck to the old one. Guess what? It worked and it would have taken me a little lesser time if only my daughter wouldn't stop playing with the Panda parts. ;)

Papa Panda is finally complete & Shaman is very happy with her new toy. I released the pattern 3 days ago & am very happy with how it turned out.


Papa Panda

Meet Papa Panda, daddy to baby Amanda, He is huge, bulky and a little overbearing. But that's just his exterior. Inside, he is all gooey and doesn't like to tell anyone that he loves watching cartoons and eating chocolates among all other sweet things. He is a martial artist. If you ask him what is his style, he'll probably say, it's Pandafu. It is a style that he created using all moves of Kung- Fu and Panda moves. Don't tell him, but he loves to brag about it all the time in his Panda community.

Papa Panda Crochet PDF Pattern:

Tuesday, July 16, 2013

Facebookoholic & Yarnoholic

I tell you FB is addictive & so is yarn. Both these things together & I can waste a lot of time just looking at them. Do you spend hours & hours looking at yarns & oohing aahing over it? I do, just because I love looking at them.  It's even more addicting than actually buying yarn, lol.

I've been at it since morning & can't seem to stop doing it & all the yarn sites aren't been helpful at all. They make me feel I don't have enough. Somebody help me, the yarn monster has grabbed my senses. I seriously need to get off this PC so I can get some patterns complete.

Thursday, March 14, 2013

New Cotton & Polyester Fabrics

A set of new fabrics that I got recently. Some are cotton & some of them are poly-cotton fabrics

Red Pink Cotton Block Print & Purple White Daisy Print Poly Cotton Fabric

The daisy print fabric is 60 inches wide.

Soft Mul Cotton In Polka Dots Print

Fushcia colored mul cotton with floral print

Light Blue & Light Turquoise Paisley Print

Cuckoo on a berry tree print & Retro Butterfly Print on Poly Cotton Fabric

The cuckoo print fabric is 59 inches wide. The butterfly print fabric is 55 inches wide.
Extra large flowers on Soft Mul Cotton

Sunday, March 10, 2013

Ilkal Handloom Fabric

I got these new ilkal fabrics in bright spring colors. These are all handloom cotton-polyester mix fabrics. Two out of these 4 sarees have hand embroidery on it.

Fuschia Ilkal Saree

Blue Ilkal Saree

Teal Ilkal Saree

Parakeet Green Ilkal Saree

Calcutta Cotton Handloom Sarees

Lightweight gauzy hand loom sarees from India.
Double Woven Black Gray Handloom Saree

White Saree With Blue Woven Handloom Saree

White Saree With Red Woven Handloom Saree

Ikat Fabric

I got these new ikat handloom & ikat like print fabrics. This is an awesome turmeric yellow colored patola(ikkat) saree fabric. It is not only handmade on a loom in ikat style but also has loom made embroidery on it. A total stunner!!!  The other 2 fabrics are not made on handloom but they give a super illusion of ikat. It reminds me of Indian Rangoli made during Diwali.

Ikat Handloom Fabric

Blue Ikat style fabric

Red Ikat style fabric

New Block Print Fabrics

These block print fabrics are not handmade, but are also called block prints as a namesake:

Gray Floral

Pink Floral

Magenta Hearts

Orange Hearts

Saturday, January 5, 2013

Resolution 2013

Last year was a great success, considering I achieved more than 75% of my goals.  I'll continue with some of course & add 1 most important goal. That is to live life to the fullest. I felt last year went by so fast and in a frenzy, I might have missed living  many precious moments. So this year, my biggest resolution is to enjoy each second slowly and steadily. All else will wait & happen in it's own time.

Meeting last years resolutions

Speaking about last year's resolutions, let's see how many I met so far.:

1) Daily plan: I wrote daily plans for a little more than 6 months. Most of the times, I met those plans. So I'm going to continue doing so this year as well.

2) Quality time with family: You can bet, I've spent a fulfilling year with both of them & enjoyed it thoroughly. So ditto to this this year as well.

3) For my baby: I've made a lot of crochet/ fabric clothing, toys, bedding, etc for Shaman. I sewed all things by hand. Yup, truely handmade. :) I keep on learning things by reading about baby care from this wonderful site & others. I'm going to continue doing this as well.

4)Write my crochet book: To be continued :P

5)Self publish 100 designs: :( I could publish only a few. So I'll carry this goal forward this year.

6)Geomancy: I can proudly say, I got rid of so many old stuff last year, I set a record for myself. :) I bought a bare minimum(considering that I'm a big shopoholic ;)). I got most of my remaining supplies & other things organized by getting them boxed up. Although, I can't say my space is free, it's much more organized than a warehouse, lol. So, here's a pat on my back. I plan to clear even more of my space this year. :)

7) Learn new arts/ crafts: I learned to block print on fabric last year.

I feel accomplished. :)

Saturday, December 8, 2012

Yellow Cotton Fabric Block Print Daisy Indian

A lightweight, gauzy, soft cotton fabric with a beautiful daisies block print. :
Daisies print cotton fabric

Thursday, December 6, 2012

Monkey Chimpanzee Toy Amigurumi Pattern

Chimpanzee monkey toy

This is a PDF Pattern and not the finished item.

The PDF pattern to make Chimp Champ. He is a champion of all chimpanzees. Be it a contest for eating the maximum number of bananas or the maximum number of lice, he wins it all. Oh! and how can I forget to mention the number of swooning female chimpanzees who especially love his muscle power and you know what ;). They all wish he notices them one day and hopefully choose them as his alpha female. All he does to deter them is smile with his lopsided grin.(cause you know - He's shy)

Finished Size:
8" tall
5" wide

A pattern in PDF format will be emailed to you within 24 hours of purchase to the email address on your invoice. The detailed instructions will have step to step instructions on how to make this amigurumi. Please contact me in case if you face any difficulties.

Skill level: Easy

Block Print Fabric Cotton Floral Indian Blue Camel Pink

New cotton fabric in my shop:
Shocking pink fabric

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